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7 Flowers that Lift Your Vibration

We're very excited to have you here! We hope you enjoy and utilize this list to help uplift your life!

1.The Rose

Red represents the Root Chakra. This is the part of our body connected to our stability and groundedness to the earth. It affects our deepest emotions sense of self in the world, and survival. The Red Rose aids when there is a sense of fearfulness and placing them near you can help with grounding your energy and igniting passion and confidence of self back into your life.

Healing Properties: Increase feelings of love in your environment

Help energize when feeling lethargic.

2. The Dahlia

Particularly any Dahlia in Orange tones.

Orange represents the Sacral Chakra. This is our part of the body that is connected to emotions, creativity, resillience, and sex. The Orange Dahlia is energetically linked to this part of us. Placing them in our surroundings can help with your emotional well being.

Healing Properties: Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Amplify feelings of Joy & Happiness

3. Sunflowers

Yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra. This part of our body is connected to our “Gut Brain”, Willpower, Self Confidence, & Purpose. What better flower than the Sunflower to represent the sun and light within ourselves. Having them in your presence can help with cultivating confidence and invoke positive energy.

Healing Properties:

Help With Personal Growth

Unlock Your Inner Sunshine

4. Green Plants

Green Represents the Heart Chakra. This part of your body of course deals with all things of the physical heart and “heart brain” related. Empathy, Compassion for self, and Connection to others is what governs this area. Using greenery and green plants in your living or workspace can help one keep track of their emotions and assist in how one sees themselves and connects to others.

Healing Properties:

Help boost feelings of Love and Peace

Assist in connecting to our Life Force Energy and Vitality

5. Grape Hyacinth

Blue represents the Throat Chakra. This part of our body is associated with Speaking our truth, Authenticity, and Ability to connect to the higher chakras. Grape Hyacinth can be planted outside and cut in the spring to be placed in bud vases indoors. It assists with thinking before we speak in avoidance of hurting others.

Healing Properties:

Brings Balance to the Throat Chakra and ones Choice of Words

6. The Anemone

Indigo is the Color of the Third Eye Chakra. This part of our body is connected to our Intuition, Wordly Perception, and LIfe Path Connection. Indigo Colored Anemones help with connecting to our higher self, spiritual awareness, and bring healing to our emotional wounds. Having Purple Anemones in your space can assist in opening your connection to your life purpose.

Healing Properties:

Helps with Anxiety and Overwhelm

Aids in Protection and Uncertanty in times of Change

7. White Lilies & Purple Lotus Flowers

The Crown Chakra has two very important colors that tie together. Ultra Violet and White. This is the part of our body that connects us from our Physical World to the Spiritual Plane. Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Awakening of the Spirit. White Lilies are more readily available than Lotus Flowers but when you do find a Lotus Flower it is very special. Keeping White Lilies in your surroundings has a calming affect. The light scent is said to help alieviate stress. Using the Lily in meditation can assist in connecting to your higher energy.

Healing Properties:

White Lilies Assist in Spiritual Awakening

Create a Tranquil and Calming Environment


Help to Quiet the Mind

Deepen Focus and Concentration

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